• What is the optimal viewing resolution for Connect Learning?

    Optimal viewing resolution is 1920 X 1080 full HD screen. For Windows 10 OS users with smaller screen size to be able to experience the best look and feel reduce the browser zoom to 80% or ensure the resolution is set to 1920 X 1080 and display scale and layout setting to 100%.

  • Where are Exam Prep Videos/Courses located in Connect Learning?

    All exam preps are available as part of Premium subscription

  • Can the Exam Prep videos be used as a substitute for Instructor Led training courses?

    The Exam Prep videos are a fast-paced comprehensive review of the exam objectives and are an excellent way to prepare to take an exam. However, the videos are a supplementary review and not intended to be a substitute for training. If you need or require training, we strongly recommend that you take one of VMware’s high-quality training courses (available in On Demand and Instructor led formats).

    Exam Preps do not meet or fulfill the course requirement required for VMware Certification.

  • What if I have questions about On Demand Content?

    For questions concerning On Demand Content refer to the On Demand FAQ document found here.

  • How to locate VMware Solution and Product specific courses?

    In the Learning Library drop down, the Solutions and Product Index pages will have courses specific to the VMware Solutions and Products.

  • Which browsers are supported by Connect Learning?

    The latest versions of all major browsers, such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer are supported.

  • Why am I not able to access my Connect Learning Subscription post purchase?

    You must access the Connect Learning subscription by following these steps:

    • Log on to your myLearn account
    • Check for the Connect Learning subscription under VMware Education > myEnrollments
    • Click on the “Connect Learning” subscription in the “Subscription” section for access
    • If the issue persists, we request you to write to [email protected] and specify the exact issue with screenshots.
  • How do I access content specific to my group?

    To access content specific to your group, navigate to home page in the Learning Library section, look for MyGroups filter. You will see the groups that you are member of and access to the content that is available exclusively to that group.

  • How do I create my own Playlist?

    Once you find and access content you want to add to your playlist, select the “+Playlist” link and add the content to a playlist with a name you specify Refer "Custom Playlist tab in your dashboard to access all the Playlists created by you.

  • Can I download content to my local machine?

    VMware does not support downloadable content at this time.

  • Who should I contact to propose a new topic for Connect Learning?

    We request you submit your proposal through the Support option available on top right of the page

  • Who do I notify if I feel content is out of date or has technical issues?

    We request you to write to [email protected] with appropriate justification.

  • Why doesn’t the legacy VMware Education App work with the new Connect Learning?

    Access to the new Connect Learning, from a mobile device, is accomplished simply by using your mobile device’s browser. There is no longer a need for the legacy app.

  • I would like to know what is the process to upgrade from Basic subscription to Premium subscription?

    On the Connect Learning Home page, you can find "UPGRADE" option next to your current subscription
    please write to [email protected] for any registration related queries.

  • I would like to know the list of available subscriptions before making a purchase.

    You can visit our Connect Learning Education Page for the available list of subscription and its details

  • Where do I find the license key for the labs?

    The license key can be found in the lab manual.

  • My Lab license key has expired

    The license key is updated every 3 months, If you have been using a bookmark you may need to check the lab manual for an updated license key. Lab manuals are updated two weeks before the expiration of the current license key. The Lab status needs to be active to access the Lab manuals.

  • I have completed the Lab, but myLearn/Connect Learning is still showing the Lab as incomplete.?

    It may take up to 48 hours after completing a Lab for myLearn to reflect the completion status.

  • Whom do I contact for Lab issues?

    Contact lab support via Live Chat Support under the “Help” option located in the top right corner of the lab console. Lab Support can also be reached via email at [email protected].

  • I am a VMware Aurora learner. Where do I go to read the Frequently Asked Questions exclusive to the program?

    You may access the Frequently Asked Questions for VMware Aurora on the VMware Aurora public page or click on the VMware Aurora FAQ's document.

  • Why am I unable to access content with my Connect Learning Subscription?

    VMware requests you write to [email protected] and specify the exact issue and include screenshots if applicable.

  • How do VCDX candidates get access to a Connect Learning subscription?

    We request you to write to [email protected] and provide the candidate ID associated with your VCDX credentials.

  • How do I renew my expiring Connect Learning subscription?

    You can renew your subscription any time before the subscription expiration date by clicking on the “Renew” button associated to your subscription in your myLearn account.

    You will also have an option to renew your subscription in your Connect Learning dashboard in the subscription widget: a "Renew" button will appear when your subscription is within 30 days of expiring.

  • How do I request a refund of my Connect Learning Subscription?

    Please note that the Connect Learning product is non-refundable per the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). Users must accept the T&C’s presented at the time of registration, to complete the registration process. Below are the T&C details for the Connect Learning for your reference.

    • Connect Learning package subscription access is for individual use and may not be shared.
    • Connect Learning package subscription is nontransferable.
    • No Refunds
    • Video streaming performance can vary depending upon internet connection speed and reliability. VMware is not responsible for a purchaser’s internet bandwidth (this is the responsibility of the purchaser).
    • The 365-day package subscription term begins on date of purchase and is not extendible unless renewed.
    • System may be unavailable from time to time for planned system maintenance. VMware will attempt to notify users of planned downtime.
    • Content available in the Connect Learning subscription package is subject to change. Additional content may be added periodically and content may be archived periodically once the material is out-of-date.
    • Content assets hosted in the Connect Learning are owned by VMware, Inc. and may not be downloaded, copied or shared in any way with nonsubscribers of the Connect Learning.
    • Videos in the Connect Learning may include forward looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially as a result of various risk factors, including those described in the 10Ks, 10Qs, and 8Ks VMware files with the SEC.
  • When can I expect my Lab completion status to be updated as “Completed” in Connect Learning platform after I have finished completing all Lab exercises?

    After you have completed all Lab exercises in the Lab environment, you will need to wait for 24 hours for the completion to get reflected in Connect Learning platform. If you continue to see the Lab status as “Incomplete”, please write to [email protected].

  • I have exhausted all 5 allowed assessment attempts and my On Demand subscription is still active, can I get additional attempts?

    You are eligible for 5 extra assessment attempts once all allowed attempts are exhausted. To enable this option your subscription access should be active. Once this option is enabled “All old attempts are unlinked(this includes pass attempt as well) and not counted as part of course completion criteria”. Please write to [email protected] if you need additional assessment attempts.

  • How can I access On Demand Course manuals/eBooks?

    Course manuals/eBooks are now available for download for learners with active On Demand and Enterprise subscriptions. The course manuals/eBooks are assigned upon launching a course.

    To access the eBook, learners will need to log into an existing eVantage account or create a new account and redeem the license code provided on the Course Player page. These details are also sent to your registered email address once the eBook is assigned. Please note the following details:

    • The electronic VMware publication (eBook) can only be accessed through the Bookshelf platform software.
    • Internet access is required to redeem your code and download the eBook to your computer/device.
    • The redemption code expires 5 years after registration.
    • If you receive the following error (shipAdress1 cannot be Null, or Zipcode cannot be Null) upon launching the course, and do not see the eBook details, then please update the following details (mandatory fields) in your myLearn account by logging into your myLearn Profile (myProfile): Address, City, State (this has to be two letters only), Country, Zip Code.
    • If the subscription is purchased by your Account Coordinator, the above address fields have to be updated by the Account Coordinator in his/her mylearn Profile.
    • If you are facing any issues when updating your myLearn Profile, please contact [email protected]
  • When will I receive certification exam voucher for my On Demand subscription?

    You will receive certification exam voucher immediately upon the purchase of your subscription. Only One On Demand course Voucher is issued, and only if the On Demand course qualifies for a certification. Your voucher details will be sent to your myLearn registered email.

  • When will I receive certification exam voucher for my ELS subscription?

    You will receive certification exam voucher immediately upon the purchase of your subscription. Your voucher details will be sent to your myLearn registered email.

    The number of vouchers received are as follows:

    • ELS Purchase Voucher - 1 year term – 2 Certification Exam Vouchers
    • ELS Purchase Voucher - 2 year term – 4 Certification Exam Vouchers
    • ELS Purchase Voucher - 3 year term – 6 Certification Exam Vouchers
  • What are the supported browsers/opearting system for for best streaming experience?

    For Best Experience streaming experience, we recommend you to use operating system with version Windows 8 or Later | Android 2.2 or Later | MacOs 10.14 or Later and latest version of Google Chrome | FireFox | Safari browser with the decent Internet speed.

    Please use latest version of internet browsers.Video streaming performance can vary depending upon internet connection speed and reliability. VMware is not responsible for a purchaser’s internet bandwidth (this is the responsibility of the purchaser).

    If you are using office laptop you might experience streaming issues due to certain security options/firewall restrictions; in such cases kindly turn off your VPN or switch to personal device to access the training content.