VMware Education
Contributor Program

The VMware Education Contributor Program, also known as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) Program, was created to formalize the process of sourcing experts in VMware products and solutions and leverage this expertise to develop robust certification and badging exams, and digital training content for the VMware Learning Zone (VLZ). The Program also aims to recognize and reward the dedication of these resources in supporting VMware education excellence.

To review more details about the Program, see the Program Guide below. If you’re ready to begin, sign in or sign up now.

The Program currently has no limitations for an individual applying to join other than accepting the Terms and Conditions outlined in the Program Guide. However, each development opportunity may have requirements for participation based on experience, credentials or other ad hoc needs. A SME may also be required to complete a legal agreement with VMware prior to participating in a specific opportunity. Copies of these agreements are also included in the Program Guide.